Valentine’s Day 2015

Life is made of surprises. Either one should be surprised by other or surprise the other. I did the latter one.  When IndiBlogger in association with Closeup Cupid Games invited us to take up the challenge. I took up the challenge and created this video as a gift for our Valentine’s Day 2015.

I left a letter inviting her to our favorite spot behind our home and I followed up with camera. I wrote, “Will ‘U’ be ♥” using snow. She was surprised on seeing it. On the other hand, I dressed up like her favorite cartoon character “Popeye”, used handmade pipe and cap, did magic to grab a bouquet of flowers, went down on one knee, and asked if she would be my Valentine. And she accepted it with a smile!

Thanks to IndiBlogger and Closeup for inspiring to do this. Do watch the video and let us know your feedback 🙂

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