Made for each other


I am one of those bachelors, who got married in the first quarter of the life itself, actually a bit more than the first half. If I have to say the exact count, I was a bachelor for 25 years, 9 months and 21 days, on the 22nd day, i.e., on January 18, 2013, I tied the auspicious thread around Vidhya’s neck. It was an arranged marriage. Trust me, I have hardly spoken with her face-to-face and, we never met anywhere outside before marriage, other than on our engagement day.

We were excited on our big day, when the foundation was laid for a beautiful love story, we had a lot of memories to cherish for a lifetime, but what we lacked was chemistry between us and, we were yet to discover the real love. In the first week of our marriage life, we interacted a lot better than we did on phone; we got to know about each other. Our plus, minus, good, bad, liking’s, habits, and all that made us realize who we are to our heart. But the worst part of the week was the training that I had to attend in Bangalore, for which I traveled alone and came back home after two days.

They say, “The beautiful word found by human being for the unseen feeling is love.” That I second. Because what happened a week after defined love for us, a moment that can never be expressed in words.

With lot of dreams, we went to a beautiful island resort, enveloped in blissful Kerala backwaters, bordered by the Arabian Sea on the East and the majestic Ghats on the west, opening out to the ocean, a dream golden beach and the floating cottages completed the heavenly paradise for newlywed couples.

When the sun was about to sink, we walked on the endless golden sands of the beach. Holding my hands, she gifted me a Parker pen and said, ‘This small gift is for you dear. I know you are passionate about writing and, you love to pen down your thoughts on paper.’

She touched my heart with her words and I was the happiest man in the world, as she understood my passion for writing and appreciated it with the best gift. I realised that we are truly made for each other and there is no one else that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. I went down on one knee and said those three unsaid words to her. The crimson sunset, endless golden sands, the unending ocean, the three birds and my special one, everything was like a magic. She blushed more. I smiled a lot. And we hugged each other, as we discovered the real love that can only begin, never end.


I wanted to make the moment really special and so, I arranged for a candlelight dinner. We sat opposite to each IMG_3259other. Everything was so romantic, the table, the candlelight, the perfume, the ambience, she and I in our favourite dress. I said those three beautiful words again and again, and gifted a pendant to her. She was surprised. She blushed more than any time before. I was happy; as a beautiful love story began that can never end.


That night, I wrote a poem for her with that pen, which I have previously published here.

All my life, I dreamt of love, and yet,
I never thought I would find that love!
This is deep, soulful and bliss too,
Because there’s just no one like you!

I think of you all day and night,
And whenever I feel bad and down,
You make me laugh, and I feel good;
Sweetheart, there’s just no one like you!

Sweetheart, you’re the one I want,
With you, I feel good and this heart,
Is for you, ever and forever till eternity,
Because there’s just no one like you!

Words can’t express the way I feel you, and so,
My dearest Valentine, I’m glad that you are mine.
I’ll be your first and you’ll be my last love,
Sweetheart, there’s just no one like you!

I wish I could have gifted her platinum pendant. If given another opportunity, I will gift her platinum pendant, as platinum is a precious white metal, pure and everlasting, which perfectly symbolises the love we share and the promise we made to each other.

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  1. Wonderful poem.. I could feel the romance! It made me blush and i felt like walking in the endless golden beach with the sinking sun.

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