Our Stories

We met on a Friday, stared at each other for an hour, spoke for ten minutes, and then decided to be one. She blushed a lot! I smiled a little! That’s the start of a new romantic tale 🙂

Vidhya’s Version

Marriage: everyone’s dream; especially for a girl, it is a boon if all is well. I was confused if I have to get married or not. So without any dreams about him, I wore a half-sari, wore a little makeup and sat confused. He came in like a rain, drenched my heart with his smile. I blushed, and then I spoke with him for ten minutes. I told him who I am to my heart hoping he would say NO, but to my surprise, he said YES. I was confused again, even wondered how someone could say YES after listening to all I said, but then I realized his sweetness when I saw him for the second time. This time I was wearing a dark pink sari, matching blouse, bangles and bindis; I blushed more when our gaze met and he asked a cup of water, and signaled to call or text him.

After his first message, life became beautiful, though he misspelled my name; still I liked the way he called me. Facebook, Skype and on calls, we started our conversation and then even we spoke romantically.

We got engaged, married and of course honeymooned. Our first candlelight dinner was the sweetest of all that happened between us.

Life is a bowlful of memories; I scribbled a few here, more to come. 🙂

Sarav’s Story

My version is very close to my heart, so I am not going to write, but someday I will write…because it is easy to write a romantic love story, but in reality, it is not easy to pen down all that happened between us.

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